Engineers Week

We had a great time celebrating Engineers Week. We had a visit from two different engineers, Karen is in the Air Corps and Zoe works on the wind turbines. Both talks were informative and engaging and the children asked great questions!.

The children had a go at building their own bridges, using a variety of materials to see what works. Tara’s Class also built wind turbines!

Think we definitely have a few budding engineers!

Tara’s Class made a video of their bridge building experiments which you can watch using this link – Engineers Video


Lorraine’s First Class are learning about the life cycle of a plant. They conducted experiments proving that sun, water and soil are needed for photosynthesis. Everyone planted their own seed. They had a lovely day for it!

Ice Cream Party

On Monday, Lorraine’s First Class had a scrumdiddly party to celebrate the fact that they filled their cookie jar with positive behaviours during the month of February!

1st March Celebrations

Tuesday the 1st of March was a busy day for celebrations this year!

Sophia and Bea taught us a little about Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, an Italian festival which signifies the last day of Carnival. Sophia was dressed to celebrate Carnival.

Alesia, Rares and Bogdan taught us a little about Martisor which is a Romanian celebration marking first day of Spring. They brought lovely Martisor trinkets to bring us luck and wealth.

Carol’s Junior Infants made shaving cream pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday while some of the other classes enjoyed the real thing!

Lorraine’s First Class were learning about Spain and Carla taught everyone some Spanish dance moves and some Spanish phrases. Thanks to Carla’s mam for providing delicious tortilla de patatas which were a big hit in the classroom.