Procedural Writing – Rocky Road

Tara’s Class found a really tasty way to practise their procedural writing yesterday! They worked together to make Rocky Road and then they wrote a recipe for it. Think they enjoyed the eating part best!!

Science Week

The children all had a great week for Science Week. They tried a range of different experiments from exploding coke bottles to volcanos to seeing if egg shells have holes! It was great to see them so interested and really thinking about why things happen. A huge thank you to Tara’s Class for demonstrating some of the experiments for the rest of the children. They did a super job of explaining them.


The children learned so much about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Some of the children who celebrate were able to teach their classmates a traditional dance and some very kind parents made Diwali treats to share. The children enjoyed drawing Rangoli patterns and we were delighted to see some children dressed up in their traditional clothes to celebrate Diwali!