Junior Infant Cooking!

The Junior Infants used the last of the pumpkins from the allotment to make pumpkin soup. They did a great job preparing the vegetables and mixing it all up. They really enjoyed the soup with some toast.

DLD Awareness Day

Friday 15th October was DLD Awareness Day. We were very excited to celebrate the day. The children in Tara’s Class were brilliant hosts to all the other classes. They invited them to visit their classroom which was decorated with purple and yellow to mark the day. The visiting children learned about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and Tara’s Class provided colourful treats!

It was fantastic to see everyone wearing their purple and yellow to celebrate!

Learn It Lego Workshops

The children had a great time today at the Learn It Lego Workshops! The Junior and Senior Infants used Duplo Lego to built funfairs. The First Class built windmills and coded them to spin and make noise and Tara’s Class built vehicles and coded them to move!

Some fabulous creations and amazing teamwork! A big thank you to Ross and Rob for their work with the children today.

Pizza Party!

Tara’s Class celebrated all of the hard work they have done since September with Pizza Party today! Well done, guys, we are very proud of you!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

We have now harvested all of the pumpkins from the allotment. The children used them today to carry out lots of science experiments. There were such a wide variety of shapes and sizes!