Pumpkin Soup

We may be a little early for Hallowe’en but our pumpkins were ripe and ready to go so Adrienne’s Senior Infants made pumpkin soup! Helped by Anna, they picked the pumpkins, prepared the ingredients and cooked the soup!

Pumpkin soup with toast – a delicious lunch!

Making Soup!

Lorraine’s First Class , with help from Anna, used the vegetables they harvested from the allotment to make soup! It was delicious. Fantastic to see the process from beginning to end – these children planted the seeds, looked after them, harvested the vegetables and created a meal!

Harvest in the Allotment

The children were delighted to see that lots of the plants in the allotment are almost ready for harvesting! They found potatoes, raspberries, sage, thyme, mint, courgettes, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, lettuce, cabbages, beetroot and more! Another week or two and everything will be ripe!

Enjoying the Sunshine

With the fabulous weather we have had this week, the children have really been enjoying the sunshine. Even the plants in the allotment needed an extra drink so Tara’s Class have been making sure they were well watered.