Bubble Fun!

We had great fun in the yard today with our new bubble machine! It was actually quite windy and the bubbles were moving so fast. The children really enjoyed catching the bubbles!

A Bug Hotel

The children have started building a Bug Hotel in our yard. They have been so creative and brought in lots of different stones, pieces of wood and little pots. They worked with Anna today to build the first floor. We can’t wait to see what bugs and insects visit our hotel!

Creative Tyres!

Adrienne has done a fabulous job decorating some old tyres to make some extra planters for our yard. The children enjoyed planting flowers in them.

Different Families, Same Love

Tara’s Senior Infants worked so hard on their entry for Different Families, Same Love. They learned about how all families are different – some have one parent, some have two Daddys, some have pets, some have different skin colours…the list is endless! However they all have one thing in common – LOVE!

The children had a great time building their diverse community. We are so proud of them!

Click here to watch their video.