Specific Speech and Language Class

Stapolin ETNS opened a new Specific Speech and Language (SSLD) Class in September 2021.

The aim of the class is to provide children who meet the DE criteria and the local criteria for Stapolin ETNS SSLD Class, the opportunity to spend one or two years in a small class setting where they can receive intensive educational and speech & language therapy support (DE Circular 0038/2007). The place is offered initially for one year. The class is staffed by a full time Teacher employed by the DE and a part time Speech & Language Therapist employed by the local HSE area. No more than seven children will be enrolled in the class each year.

Information on admission and application procedures can be found in our Admission Policy, the SSLD Class Policy and our Annual Admissions Notice.

Applications for referrals are accepted from Speech and Language Therapists and Psychologists only.

Applications should be made to the School Principal with the relevant accompanying documentation listed below from Tuesday 1st February 2022.

Parents may make enquiries directly to the School Principal or HSE Speech & Language Therapist. The child’s Speech & Language Therapist or Psychologist co-ordinates the referral to the SSLD Class having discussed this in detail with parents/guardians and other professionals involved with the child.

The closing date for applications to the SSLD Class for September 2022 is Tuesday 8th March 2022 at 4pm

Required Documentation:

  1. Form A – Stapolin ETNS Referral & Consent Form for SSLD Class
  2. A recent Psychological Report (within the last 2 years of referral date).
  3. An up-to-date Speech and Language Therapy report (compiled within 3 months of referral date) confirming a diagnosis of Specific Speech and Language Disorder (SSLD).
  4. Form B – Stapolin ETNS School Report Form for SSLD Class.
  5. Other Reports: if relevant (e.g. Audiology, OT, Medical, Social, Psychiatry)

Information for referral agents and parents can be found in the following leaflets:

Leaflet 1 – Initial Parent Information Leaflet SSLD Class

Leaflet 2 – Parent and Teacher Information for SSLD Class

Leaflet 3 – Information for Referral Agents SSLD Class

Any queries about this application process can be emailed to Clodagh at principal@stapolinetns.ie