Setting Up Our Wormery

We had a great day setting up our wormery. A lot of planning and gathering of what was needed was done in advance so we were well prepared! We used water, leaves, cardboard, shredded paper, soil and some waste food.

Huge thank you to Craig from Composting in Schools who gave us great help and advice. The children had mixed feelings on about handling the worms but hopefully the worms are all enjoying their new home now!

Science Week

The children had great fun investigating for Science Week! There were lots of different experiments carried out as well as some bug hunts.

Thank you to Tara for organising all the experiments.


We had great fun on the Friday before the midterm. The children (and adults!) dressed up and we had a little parade. The parents had coffee and treats and enjoyed the fabulous costumes on display. The children also had fun in their classrooms playing some traditional games